Course Preview

Our online program is tailored to allow students the opportunity to enhance their education in pharmacometrics while balancing work, life and school. 

“PHA6131 was a very good course, it provides theorical and hands-on experience for most common PBPK tools available and frequently used in pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies.”

PHA 6131 Introduction to Physiologically-Based Modeling, Spring 2021

– E.Z.


Course Description

Introduction to Physiologically-Based Modeling is a 3-credit course that provides students and trainees with the theoretical concepts as well as hands-on applications in physiologically-based modeling and its use in drug development and regulatory evaluation with focus on physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling.

PBPK model - Dr. Schmidt paper
Comparison of PBPK model predicted (lines) versus experimental (symbols) plasma concentration