Model-Informed Drug Development

The Model-Informed Drug Development certificate can be completed in three semesters, over two academic years. Request more information today.

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Model-Informed Drug Development online graduate certificate

Want to Have More Impact on Drug Development?

The MIDD focus of the online pharmaceutics certificate is to help develop scientists (medical, pharmacy, engineering, statistics, etc.) who wish to further their careers and meet the challenge of developing new medicines for unmet medical needs.

Certificate Overview

The online certificate program will provide an understanding of the model-informed drug development (MIDD) process and will deliver an introduction to pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacometrics and quantitative pharmacology. This certificate program is designed so the learner masters basic pharmacometrics at a graduate level with many assignments and case studies. The program consists of four foundational courses (12 credit hours total). The program is structured so that it can be completed within three semesters, over two academic years.  

Who should consider this certificate?

This certificate program is designed for students to master basic pharmacometrics with assignments and case studies that reinforce the concepts and quantitative aspects of pharmacometrics. This program will be useful for those who have completed an undergraduate degree and wish to obtain or enhance graduate-level knowledge of model-informed drug development; for those who have completed an undergraduate degree and wishing to enhance their application into Master’s and Ph.D. programs in pharmacometrics in biomedical research; for graduates with a background in biomedical sciences who are interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry working in model-based drug development (a large and expanding market); and international students with M.D. or Ph.D. credentials who are interested in a career in quantitative pharmacology.

What will the program provide to you?

The MIDD certificate provides the students with a significant foundation of skills in quantitative methods that are widely used in drug development, regulatory decision making and dose optimization. The students will gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to plan, perform and interpret pharmacometric analyses, aimed at influencing key drug development, regulatory, and therapeutic decisions. The certificate program strengthens students’ capabilities in both theoretical and applied technical knowledge. Students will be heavily involved with real-life pharmaceutical industry case studies and software applications. The courses are offered online with both asynchronous and synchronous formats as well as significant flexibility in course offerings.

How will the program benefit you?

  • Receive a Certificate in model-informed drug development three semesters, over two academic years
  • Equip your skill set with quantitative pharmacokinetic data analysis, and modeling tools frequently used in drug development, regulatory decision making and dose optimization
  • Hands-on working proficiency in pharmacometrics modeling software systems
  • Learn and communicate directly with UF faculty and pharmaceutical industry experts
  • Improve your chance of career improvement and job opportunities

Required Courses

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